Food Guide—An Introduction

Health food bland and tasteless?  Prepared with the right seasonings and patient creativity, natural foods debunk the myth that health foods leave you wanting for something filling and, yes, meaty.

For dinner tonight may I suggest mashed chickpeas, gravy and onions, green beans, mushroom patties, and a garden salad with cucumber dressing? And for breakfast tomorrow morning I recommend Portobello mushroom bacon, spelt bread toast with mango jam or maple butter, and homemade apple sauce sweetened with 100% maple syrup. I prefer Grade A Dark Amber.

The options are endless. All it takes is patient substitution and weaning, and the following food guide and recipes to get you started.

Reconnecting with Dr. Sebi opened the door to some fantastic ways to prepare not only delicious healthy foods, but delicious comfort foods, many reminiscent of my childhood. For instance, if you like the taste of fried chicken gizzards and livers, for a healthy alternative you can replace the chicken with oyster mushrooms, season them with olive oil, sea salt, kelp, cayenne pepper and chickpea (also called garbanzo bean) flour and fry or broil them in the oven. You can replace boiled potatoes with stewed chickpeas and onions. I like them seasoned with sea salt, curry powder and just a pinch of cayenne pepper. And my new cherished seasonings are onion powder and onion sea salt—two great replacements for garlic, which has a pH value below 5.



Prelude to Healing; Herbalist Emeritus in Honduras; Alfredo Bowman Is Dr. Sebi the Healer

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