Chapter 3


Herbalist Emeritus in Honduras

Urgent, prophetic and without remorse, he spoke to me about past and present states of health and food.  He disclosed personal and political events that included friendship with 1960s activist and civic leader Stokely Carmichael.

“I met Stokely Carmichael many, many years ago in New York. He came to me and I gave him the compounds. He began to do well but he had to return to fight the revolution. And the food that revolutionary people eat is always hogs, starches and some uric acid.”

He recounted his days as a friend and healer to personalities unknown and known, including Michael Jackson and hip hop singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.


“Lisa knew that she was sick and that she wanted to be healed and that she wanted to get away from that place that she was in. And she did it.”


Memories of an alienating time in Zimbabwe stirred up some unrest. When we talked about the state of health in Zimbabwe and other African countries he commented, “They’re eating stimulants.  They are not nourishing their bodies.” More about Zimbabwe in Chapter 8.

Chapter 8


Alfredo Bowman Is Dr. Sebi the Healer

Between the road and the foothills, about every half mile or so, bluish gray smoke rose above piles of burning bushes and trash. Horses and mules grazed and yes, the usual lone child or two sauntered along. They were sights that repeated themselves miles down the stretch of road.  But one particular patch of brush and fauna caught Dr. Sebi’s attention. He slowed the truck down and gently nodded at the spot where hip hop singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes crashed and died in a car accident in 2002. A numbing silence filled the truck as we passed the area. Then, in my own quiet and private thoughts, I mourned the loss right there in the truck.

I enjoyed Lisa’s music. I listened to it, rocked to it, and like a proud big sister, watched her and her singing group TLC perform in music videos on television. In my mind I started to hear a slow tinny horn crescendo into Creep, one of my favorite TLC songs (but not one of Lisa’s I’d found out later). I was suddenly transported back to my apartment in Washington, D.C. in 1994.  I sat still and let my mind’s eye follow TLC’s slick hip hop dance moves. Legs swiveled, bodies gyrated, Lisa’s handstands and body flips theatrical and in sync with Creep’s rhythm.  Such talent, such wonderful vivacious talent, I thought.

When Dr. Sebi informed me he and Lisa had been friends in the United States and Lisa journeyed to Usha Village to rest, I deemed it divine providence that Lisa and I shared an acquaintance and an interest in herbal healing.


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