Chapter 8

Alfredo Bowman Is Dr. Sebi the Healer


“I don’t consider myself strong or weak. I don’t know what strong is or weak. I never lived that. These are some of the things that most people don’t know about Sebi. Sebi is not, was never poor and he will never be rich. Sebi, he doesn’t know what strength is, no. He doesn’t know what weakness is. He just lives. I just live. I know I’m an individual that most people like, and I’m an individual where there are some individuals that don’t like me and both are right. They interpret me, they perceive me differently. So, about strength, I’m afraid of that word because I consider myself a pussycat.”

He was at times and I cherished those moments, privy to the unusual joy and contentment of a Black man in love with his herbs. He caressed his plants, adored them as much as a lioness fancies her cubs.

“It’s a pretty plant. It grows right here in the village,” he said, when he introduced me to the blue vervain. As far as I could tell only his grandmother Mama Hay occupied the same pedestal as this honored plant. I suppose I should thank her for the privilege to see Dr. Sebi raw, to see him childlike and free in his love of plants. And I’m not alone. Others have witnessed his passion. A biochemist sat in the audience at one of his lectures and questioned him about how he uses herbs in his products.

“The man asked me, ‘Do you intend to isolate the active ingredients of the plants and apply them to your therapeuticals?’   Where do you think this biochemist got his information?  From his books, right?  From his schools, right?  I know that. The active ingredient. There are 102 minerals in everything that exists that is natural. If you take clouds and take them to a laboratory and break them down, you’ll find 102 minerals. If you take the soil and you analyze it, 102 minerals. Sea salt, 102. The human body, 102.

Well, anything that is unnatural doesn’t have that arrangement...This man is asking do you intend to isolate the active ingredient. Let us assume that this circle is the burdock plant. Burdock has 102 minerals. But in the arrangement of 102, there is one that is called the active ingredient. That is the one that is more in percentage. There is calcium. There is phosphorous. There is iron. There is magnesium and zinc. But they all are distributed proportionately. But iron is the largest one. Out of all the minerals, iron occupies the majority of the structure.

What he’s asking me is do I intend to remove the iron over here by itself and leave the 101 behind. But in the arrangement how much are there?  102. But if I remove 1, I leave 101 behind, right?  But this one was in an arrangement with the other 101 to supply it with what it needs to exist. If you remove it, sir, it becomes a protoplasmic poison. The man looked at me and realized that the school didn’t teach him that.

When you see and when you believe—two different things. When someone educates us is one thing but when you see, it’s altogether different. So when the man said do you intend to isolate the active ingredient I said no sir, absolutely not.  Life doesn’t express itself in one. You’ve got to use the whole plant, not part of it. And the man said thank you Dr. Sebi.”


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