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Refreshing What We Know About Dr. Sebi

Let’s recap Dr. Sebi’s life in this video and prepare for his new book, Dr. Sebi Speaks of Dembali: Crossing Over from Dis-Ease to Ease in Matters of Health, Race, Family, and Culture. Dr. Sebi and I started working on it before he died. Devastated by his death in 2016, I decided to let Dembali rest for a while.

I feel better now. In 2018, I picked up where we left off and received a miraculous gift: Dr. Sebi stayed with me the entire time I worked on Dembali—through audio recordings, transcripts, videos. They placed Dr. Sebi front and center, and at times, over my shoulder, in the book’s development.

From rage to solemnity in a Honduran setting reminiscent of a fireside chat, Dr. Sebi Speaks of Dembali opens the portal to Dr. Sebi’s philosophy about health, race, family, and culture. There’s a wellspring of his knowledge and personality that he wanted the public to know, reflect, and take action on. A timely read, Dr. Sebi's little known or unrevealed take on life’s challenges and solutions.

Dr. Sebi Speaks of Dembali, release date November 2020

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