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My Writing Life Shared in a Smashwords Interview

The interview is simply titled Interview with Beverly Oliver. It starts like this:

When did you first start writing?

I started writing when I attended elementary school in Washington, DC. My cousin Patrice and I were pen pals. She lived in Sumter, South Carolina, a place I visited many summers in my childhood. I loved getting mail with my name on it! And what fun to write back and send mail! I remember my letters always started the same way: "Dear Patrice, How are you? I am fine." Yes, I suppose those pen pal days led me to where I am today.

Looking back to those days, I see a vivid connection not only between my writing life then and now, but my health then and now. The writing and asthma (which I was blessed to overcome) laid a foundation for a future encounter with a man called Dr. Sebi. The link to the full interview is below.

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