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His Tried and True Healing Remembered

When Dr. Sebi transitioned on August 6, 2016, he left a legacy of herbal healing known to thousands yet unknown globally compared to pharmaceutical giants GlaxoKline, Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson. If you are one of the fortunate healed by the African Bio Mineral Balance therapy, you would probably say that if Dr. Sebi cured only one person, it would be enough to show his expertise.

Today, the focus on plant-based medicine and research, such as the late Olivia Newton-John's Research Foundation Fund, is a step in the direction Dr. Sebi advocated for more than 40 years. And after several experiments with natural plants, including taking on the role of his own guinea pig, he used his African Bio Mineral Balance herbs to cure himself and countless others. Research, research, experiment, cure. His legacy is one of tried, true, and effective results.

Maybe you're thinking, "You're biased. He gave you permission to write his book. Sure, you praise him." I praise the "tried and true," "the useful, the impactful," "results that speak for themselves." I am a recipient of the results, results worthy to be praised, evidenced by the photos of containers I've held onto for many years now.

Perhaps, if breast cancer patients had known about the tried and true African Bio Mineral Balance plant-based therapy, they'd be alive today, provided they committed to the nutritional guidance required. And nutrition is key. It works hand in hand with Dr. Sebi's plant/herb-based therapy to heal the body and keep cells working the way they should.

On the sixth anniversary of his transition, I encourage you, if you haven't already, to spread the word about Dr. Sebi's humble beginnings and his quest to be useful, to create something that benefits humanity. Here is my part in that effort.

Dr. Sebi was a genius when it came to herbal research and practice. The following statements he shared with me are evidence of that.

"This perspective of the passionate, untrained seeker allowed my experience at MLK Hospital to be a neutral one, more like a research opportunity than a job. As a steam engineer, it was required of me to measure and record the pH or hydro-ion level of the water in the boiler. The pH in the water should have been 6.9. If the pH in the boiler water was to climb to 7.1, that water would be of an alkaline base and immediately life or algae would begin to invade the tube of the boilers and set up shop, creating a wall between the radiant heat and the water that is supposed to be boiled.

The result is that you get less heat transferred to the water because of the shield set up by life forms in the tubes of the boiler. This observation made it clear to me that life expresses itself in an environment of pH 7+, which is alkaline. Life is not found in an acid environment that is -7.

So one night, when I went to work, I decided to take herbs with me. I wanted to test them because it was clear to me that if life manifests at pH 7.1, then it means that the herbs that are for healing should be of a pH of 7+ as well. So, the first herb that I gave the litmus test was comfrey, and I found that comfrey has a pH of 6. Then garlic. I found that garlic has a pH of 4 or 3.3. These are only two of many, many substances that are frequently used that are -7 pH. Their base is of an acid content. When I read many of your better-known herbal and nutritional books and manuals, I found that garlic, comfrey, aloe vera, golden seal and many other hybrid herbs are recommended.

It was then that I began to see that the manuals that are being used today are manuals that oppose life instead of complementing life. So, I began to put together compounds that were made of herbs whose pH is found in the area of 8+, ensuring that the hydrogen ion concentration would be of 7 or 8+. When the hydrogen ion or pH measurement is at this level, the electrical impulses are most active and offer energy necessary to restore balance to the human body."

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