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Adio Akil Talks Up Her Mentor, The Audio Transcript

"Sebi was a beautiful human being who loved Black people. He loved Black people and he knew that there was a difference in something that we as Black people require. He shared with so many people and I was one of them. He shared so much information, so much of his time, and so much of his research, so much of his love with so many different people that now that he’s passed, he’s more popular and accepted than he ever was. Because in the early days, and even some years into his career, his natural healing career, he wasn’t accepted or even known. But upon him passing, and then with the young people embracing him, his works, and the alkaline diet, Sebi is blown out of the water. He’s like a household word now. I’ll go places where people are doing all types of bad stuff, but they know of Dr. Sebi and they do one good thing to help their health.

To his family, yeah, Sebi is all of our family. He’s yours biologically, but Sebi belongs to all of us. Anybody you see doing the work or using some of the methodology or information or the guidance that Sebi gave them, many young people are doing it today. Just love and embrace him because Sebi belongs to all of us."

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