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World Health Organization Has 5 Steps to Stay Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr. Sebi's Suggestion

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a worldwide public service announcement called DO THE FIVE: Help stop coronavirus. I found out about the PSA from Google, my default browser page. The world, for the most part, has adopted the five steps, which include the following:

Hands--wash them often

Elbow--cough into it

Face--don't touch it

Space--keep safe distance

Home--stay if you can

WHO has a website devoted to more detailed information about keeping the disease at bay. I browsed it, watched a couple of videos and noticed a particular comment that stayed with me. It lingered because as the disease spread and news about it spread just as quickly, I felt there had to be more to prevention than washing your hands.

The comment? Benedetta Allegranzi, the Technical Lead for WHO's Infection Prevention and Control, said most people who contracted or died from coronavirus had existing underlying health issues. Interesting, I thought. More than likely, from what I learned from Dr. Sebi, the person's immune system, including the mucus membrane, was weak and compromised. Compromised how? Environment and nutrition. Virus thrives on acidic, mucus-filled bodies.

Here's Dr. Sebi's take on it. It's an excerpt from the book Seven Days in Usha Village: A Conversation with Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi: I’m going to start with this young lady that came to us. Her feet were going to be severed from her body. Her name is Paula in San Diego. This lady listened to what we had to say. But when you begin to touch upon that, that subject such as changing people’s diet so that they can live better and how to help them, you’re going to find yourself being the enemy of everyone. But I’m going to take the chance anyway because you want to know. Well, Sister Paula was at an extreme pathological condition. She was septic.

Beverly: Which is?

Dr. Sebi: Her body was riddled with fecal matter and debris, acid, which all of us are. It was manifesting in her feet. But the majority manifests in their skull. She was lucky that it was in her feet, where the acid concentrated. But 99 percent of Black America, it concentrates on their brain. I’m going to prove that. So now how do we help that? Paula came and said I’m dying. They want to cut my legs off because I’m septic, gangrene and the whole bit, poor circulation.

I said what’s your religion. She said I’m a Muslim. I said are you ready for this? You can’t eat bean pies. “Why?” Because the bean pie has eggs. It has sugar, glucose. It has butter, concentrated fat. It has carbonic acid, which is the flour. So now when you put all that together, you have a lethal bomb. But the sister doesn’t know it. But the sister is wise. The sister stopped eating the bean pies and the carrots and the rice and beans. She has her feet and she no longer has diabetes.

So when you ask me the question how do we begin to educate people about their diet, that’s an individual thing because what you’re going to find is that the good you’re trying to do, our leaders will have you hung. So besides the leaders having you hung you have to deal with the deficiency in the brain, which is not going to permit them to change. Like the African people, when you tell an African from Nigeria do not, under any circumstances, put gari in your mouth or cassava, he may slap your face. Yet he’s going home to put cyanide on his brain.

So how do you do it? I don’t know. I am telling my brothers and sisters in America and around the world and for that matter every other race, watch what you eat. Avoid the starch, which is carbonic acid, the uric acid, the lactic acid and there’s many more. But avoid them and begin to relax yourself, which I have never heard anyone make this recommendation before.

It seems WHO should add another step to its PSA. Watch what you eat. This is probably a good time to detox/cleanse your body. Eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts (walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds). Try juicing. Drink your fruits and veggies raw. Good sweeteners are date syrup, maple syrup and agave nectar. Grate a little fresh ginger in your juice. Be well. Be safe.

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