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Dr. Sebi's African Bio Mineral Balance: A Prescription for Global Healthcare and Nutrition

The African Bio Mineral Balance, coined and created by Dr. Sebi, is a therapeutic method that reverses disease and heals the body with alkaline herbs and plants. But if you’re reading this and you’re Caucasian wondering what the African Bio Mineral Balance has to do with you, know that it heals your body too. Here’s why. In his book Alkaline Herbal Medicine, Aqiyl Aniys writes “the African genome has been determined to be the foundational genome of all Homo sapiens or modern people. The healthy expression of the African genome present in all people is achieved in a specific way . . . and a good way to better understand this process is to better understand how an ecosystem works.”

Dr. Sebi mentioned the African Bio Mineral Balance when he lived. Did the message get through? Did you understand? Did you get his teaching that the African Bio Mineral Balance restores a diseased body to its original electric state? With confidence I can say it’s more than bottles and capsules filled with herbs; it’s an entire system of healing that works. It gets the job done if you let it.

It’s a twofold method that works hand in hand with the right nutrition. Toxic, damaged cells targeted. Toxic cells repaired. Let the healing begin. Let your body breathe again, walk upright again, hold your hand steady again as God, the Creator intended. In the next video, Dr. Sebi explains the African Bio Mineral Balance, its premise and the first time he mentioned it in public.

So, who are the heirs apparent of the African Bio Mineral Balance? Ideally, we all are. But technically, the authority to name them belongs to others. However, it's common knowledge that the African Bio Mineral Balance was born in Dr. Sebi’s first company, The Fig Tree, now owned and operated by his former wife Maa and his son Sesa Bowman. Yet, in my conversations with Dr. Sebi, he often praised the healing talents of his daughter and protégé Xave, owner and operator of Next Generation Herbal Products, and she, in turn, spoke fondly of her father’s teachings. But I’d be remiss if I omitted the company Dr. Sebi owned before he died, Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food.

Years ago, in my hometown Washington, D.C., I watched a company advertise a product on television. It ran often, so much so that I still remember the slogan, not the product ironically, but the slogan, “An educated consumer is our best customer.”

With that, I encourage you to research Dr. Sebi’s healing method the African Bio Mineral Balance, his alkaline herbal medicine. Secondly, research the companies that continue to offer this genuine and highly effective approach to healing. Then decide from whom you want to receive it.

Dr. Sebi tirelessly put research, travel, love and compassion, and experiments with alkaline plants into his herbal healing. Let’s reward him by continuing his legacy, because at a time when the general consensus insists certain diseases are incurable—diseases Dr. Sebi has indeed cured—his work matters more today than ever before. Let’s honor it. Let’s keep it going.

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