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They Picked Up Dr. Sebi’s Baton

When he died in 2016, of course I was shocked, saddened and even dismissive (in previous years there’d been rumors of his death). In my thoughts I immediately asked, “Who on earth will carry on Dr. Sebi’s finesse, his intelligence, his articulation on how to eat to live, eat to heal, how to bring plants, alkaline plants, into the forefront of a lifestyle instead of on the back burner?”

Question answered. On BET’s Black Coffee talk show, Dr. Sebi’s daughter Kellie Bowman and her nephew Izeah Bowman adeptly address Dr. Sebi’s work, what he leaves behind and how we can continue to benefit from his teachings. Two BET videos feature the family’s presentation.

“We have a responsibility to share the history of where we’re going next and where we’ve been. So, his present to us was to share that knowledge and to have you think about it. This may not be your journey but at least you know about it,” says Kellie.

Izeah also speaks about why and when rapper Nipsey Hussle started the documentary about Dr. Sebi. There’s good, firsthand information here about that production.

So, I’m pleased with Kellie’s and Izeah’s journey to continue Dr. Sebi’s alkaline message. I hear good things in these two videos. I hope you will too.

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