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Dr. Sebi Speaks About Death in His Family

He mentions his grandmother Mama Hay and his great grandmother Elizabeth in the upcoming book Dr. Sebi Speaks of Dembali. Death and how Elizabeth wants Mama Hay to handle it are themes in this preview.

My great grandmother went into the yard with my grandmother to tell her what happened the last fifty-five years that she was absent. My grandmother said she didn’t come to hear that. She told her mother I come to see you. Golly, boy, this is two Black women. I love the history of my grandparents because my grandmother is standing there telling this woman, her mother, that she didn’t come to hear what happened in the last fifty years. I came to see you. And then they got down to talk about other things. And then my great grandmother told my grandmother, when you hear that I have passed you laugh because I have been waiting for you. It is you I was waiting for. When my grandmother board that boat to come back from Belize, on the way to Honduras, the captain told my grandmother, “Your mother just passed.” So when I came to Honduras, my grandmother told me the same thing. When you hear that I have passed don’t you cry. You’re going to laugh. And I did that. So, the richness was installed in the family. It was part of these women. It wasn’t that they learned it. It was in ‘em. It resonated in them. And by me being raised by one of these women, I saw and I received from that vibration.

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