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Dr. Sebi's Son Sesa Speaks

Whenever Dr. Sebi spoke about his son Sesa (pronounced SAY-SAH), there was high praise for him. He valued Sesa's opinion. You'll see why in this YouTube video posted by New York radio station Hot 97. The program is Ebro in the Morning. Sesa and his mother Maa are interviewed. Sesa and Maa still own and operate Dr. Sebi's first company The Fig Tree.

In a previous blog I mentioned Sesa's sister Usha. She was interviewed with Maa in a YouTube video by Tasha K.

The goal of these video posts is to share an objective view of Dr. Sebi, his life, and his work. You'll find there's no bitterness in what Sesa and Maa have to say about Dr. Sebi or what's said about him in social media.

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