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Dr. Sebi and Small Business Expo 2018

As author and protégé, my mission has always been to inform audiences about Dr. Sebi’s healing technique—his tried and true method of curing people of diseases with his alkaline herbal compounds, namely the African Bio Mineral Balance.

Before he died, the two books about Dr. Sebi, Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing and Seven Days in Usha Village: A Conversation with Dr. Sebi, helped introduce the world to his life in Honduras and the United States. Now that he has transitioned, all books, blogs and articles are essentially Dr. Sebi’s legacy, a necessary continuation of an ideal he crafted over forty years ago.

How does the Small Business Expo relate to his legacy? His alkaline herbal products, were they sold or promoted at the event? I carried flyers about the books, not herbal products, and I didn’t see anyone from his company there. But then again, nearly two years have passed since I communicated with the staff at Dr. Sebi’s office. A new team could be in place. So, what’s the connection if neither Dr. Sebi nor his products appeared at the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles, October 18?

Workshops, presentations and networking opportunities attracted me to the event because they were relevant not only to small businesses but to authors and publishers. I constantly seek ways to excel in writing and marketing, including attendance at the Small Business Expo. One particular presentation caught my eye: Seven Steps to Write Your Book and Become a Speaker. This Main Stage talk is where Dr. Sebi comes in. But even before I reached this session, hints of Dr. Sebi had already surfaced.

Networking at the conference allowed me to meet Deen Alharazim, manager of Vector 90, a coworking space and cultural hub in Los Angeles. I use coworking spaces like Vector 90 every now and then to shoot videos. But what’s unique about this new workspace is who owns it. Vector 90 is owned by rapper and music producer Nipsey Hussle, the same Nipsey Hussle who said in a YouTube video he wants to make a documentary about—Dr. Sebi.

An Epiphany at the Main Stage Presentation

In a lively talk with his audience that focused on how to be a “properly positioned author,” public speaker, author and former Missouri senator Brian Nieves presented Seven Steps to Write Your Book. The first step resonated with me the strongest: Know the primary objective of your book. When Mr. Nieves mentioned objective, something surreal happened to me. In an instant, shooting stars streaked across the ceiling carrying notions of Dr. Sebi’s legacy with them. The Small Business Expo ignited that epiphany. It turned a floodlight on my objective, reminding me that when I write about Dr. Sebi I continue his quest to affect a positive change in people’s health, eating habits and self-awareness.

The work continues. A new book is on the horizon, a story filled with Dr. Sebi’s raw, urgent and unfiltered conversation about race, culture, gender, the Black family and other topics absent from the first two books. I promised him I would do this. Here are sample excerpts from that upcoming book.

Excerpt #1

Sebi: You listen Beverly. You listen. How did I do my first consultation? I wasn’t trained. I let the patient talk.

Beverly: Right, and so you just recommended things for the patient to take?

Sebi: No. I already knew what to recommend because I make one treatment. I don’t make treatment special for AIDS or diabetes. It’s the same treatment.

Beverly: It’s just one thing.

Sebi: It’s one thing. It’s one disease. So, I didn’t have to go through psychoanalyzing anyone. No. That’s pseudoscience. No. People came here that were schizophrenic. People came here with delirium tremors. People came here that were paranoid. And people came here with Parkinson’s, and they all left cured. Well, how did that happen? How did it happen? The African Bio Mineral Electric Cell food.

Excerpt #2

Sebi: I am today what I was yesterday, a bit adulterated. But in the adulteration, because within the Black race, and my own family, my grandmother looked like she just came out of Scotland. So, in the adulteration of my cells, I still remain hooked to that continent from whence I was taken away.

Excerpt #3

Sebi: I am doing what any Jew would do for his people, whatever Russian would do for his people, whatever Caucasian, and Chinese, Japanese or Korean would do for his people. The first law of nature is self-preservation. But when we, the Black race, takes that position, it’s no longer complementing your race, it is being aggressive, it is being other than good. I know that. I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it. Although many times, there have been Blacks who come into the realization of Self, that they become abusive too, with other races, as if though we have arrived, so therefore I should offend. No. When you arrive is when you complement. But I come first. My race is first. It has to be first, because it is incumbent upon me by the first law of nature to perpetuate that which I found whole, not to divide it.

Excerpt #4

Sebi: You see, that’s why I said when you begin to talk about truth, how many of us, including Sebi, are we prepared for it?

The projected launch of this sequel is 2019. Until that time, Seven Days in Usha Village: A Conversation with Dr. Sebi and Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing are still available.

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