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Food and Your Central Nervous System: Why Dr. Sebi Wants You to Understand This Relationship

For more than 30 years, Dr. Sebi stood at podiums in churches, community centers, civic halls; in his home he sat on his couch or bed. Every now and then a lion’s roar carried his message. Other times a professor’s tone ushered the message through. That message remained the same no matter the venue, no matter the tone: Watch what you eat.

On page 95 of Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing he says, “Anything that has an acid base will undermine your immune system immediately, primarily because it’s an acid base. It’s going to eat you up. It’s going to weaken the system. It’s going to weaken the red blood cells. Acid causes the central nervous system to contract, which again causes you to go into a state of despair.”

This morning, August 5, 2016, one day before the second anniversary of Dr. Sebi’s passing, I lounged in bed and picked up a book to read a little while. I opened the book to a random page, page 154 of Science of Being and Art of Living by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Lo and behold, right before my eyes like fireworks bursting across the night sky, words, paragraphs, paragraph after paragraph echoed Dr. Sebi’s teachings. It’s as if Dr. Sebi and Maharishi were one in those paragraphs, both speaking the same language, teaching the same lesson—a valuable lesson about food and the central nervous system and why it’s crucial for us to understand that relationship.

The information you’re about to read is what Dr. Sebi has advocated his entire life as a natural healer. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi beautifully confirms that advocacy on pages 154-155 of his book.

Coordination of Mind and Nervous System—In order to have a strong thought force it is necessary that the coordination between the mind and nervous system be well maintained; for this it is necessary that the nervous system should be strong physically and that the mind should also be strong. The physical nervous system is material; the mind is abstract. Concrete physical nervous system and abstract mind. For a strong thought force, the physical as well as the mental aspect should be strong. . . .

The physical strength of the nervous system depends upon the food that we eat. The proper functioning of the nervous system depends upon its physical condition, which is controlled by food and exertion. If the food we eat is proper, it keeps the physical state of the nervous system energetic and lively under normal conditions of functioning. If the nervous system of the body is not strained, the nervous system functions normally. But if the body is strained by the flickering attitude of the mind and by a lack of fixity of purpose on the part of the mind, then the nervous system becomes exhausted and stops functioning. In order to maintain a good coordination of body and mind, it is simply necessary that food should be right. If we eat spoiled and stale food the nervous system becomes weak. If we drink alcohol, for example, the nervous system becomes inactive and dull. If we work too hard, the nervous system becomes tired and does not function normally. This lack of normal functioning makes the coordination of body and mind weak. Therefore, for good, healthy coordination of body and mind, it is necessary that the mind be healthy, and the mind becomes healthy by the power of Being.

The physical state of the nervous system should be intact; right food and drink and regular habits of eating, rest, and activity will make it so. Life should be regulated in comfortable and regular habits of sleep, food, and rest. The time for eating should be regular, the time for going to bed should be regular, and activity should be moderate—not too much as to make the body exhausted. pages 154-155, Science of Being and Art of Living, by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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