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Natural Hair Care Specialist Pamela Ferrell Onboard with Dr. Sebi's Teachings

Before I attended the Go Raw DC health fair, I stopped by Cornrows & Co. to see Pamela Ferrell, its owner. I immediately fell in love with her hairstyle and wanted to wear it at the health fair. In the forty-five minutes Pamela twisted my hair, a topic came up that usually keeps us talking for hours—Dr. Sebi.

Long before she traveled to Honduras with her family to visit Dr. Sebi, Pamela immersed her career in the health and beauty of natural hair. For more than thirty years at Cornrows & Co., her Washington, D.C.-based hair salon, she has promoted love, value and proper health care for natural hairstyles such as cornrows, twists, braids and locks.

Cornrows & Co. has evolved since its opening, embracing a holistic approach to hair care by focusing on food and herbs that promote the growth of healthy hair. This advocacy of the natural and the care of the natural echoes Dr. Sebi’s teachings about alkaline nutrition and health, which is one of the reasons Pamela Ferrell, the scalp and hair specialist, and Dr. Sebi, the herbalist and natural healer connected so well on her trip to see him in 2011. Both promote alkaline food for optimum inner and outer health.

You’ll notice the alkaline food shopping list that Pamela gives to her customers resembles Dr. Sebi’s nutrition guide, right down to the same spices, fruits and vegetables. And it doesn’t end with recommended foods.

A new venture for Cornrows & Co. is the creation and distribution of two herbal products that promote healthy scalps, hair and body. I’ve used one of them, the iron tonic. It will send you to the bathroom, just like Dr. Sebi’s compounds. And that’s a good thing. You don’t want toxins hanging around your immune system. The Cell Cleanse Tea and the Blood Builder Iron Tonic are the products. We wish Pamela and Cornrows & Co. much success helping clients maintain healthy tresses and a healthy body with these herbs.

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