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We, In the United States, Might Not Have Known About Dr. Sebi

When Dr. Sebi speaks about his time as a novice natural healer in the Caribbean in the 1980s, every now and then he'll mention the lady that convinced him to leave the islands and come to the United States to heal people. Adio Kuumba Akil is that lady. She insisted Dr. Sebi come to the states. She was driven to bring him here. You'll see how and why she did it in a series of videos on the SojournHonduras1 YouTube channel. We add a face to the name and the passion. Below, Adio, twenty-three years ago in Brooklyn, New York.

Today, she's Adio Akil, owner and operator of Praises Enterprises, a natural hair and skin care company in Brooklyn, New York. When you watch the eleven videos, you'll see that Adio and Praises Enterprises are natural extensions of Dr. Sebi and the Garden Holistic Institute of St. Croix, where Adio studied natural healing and natural food preparation.

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