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Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing


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A Journey of
Discovery and Healing

For those of you who joined me on the journey within SoJourn's page, Thank You

2014 looks exciting for a Revised edition of SoJourn to Honduras SoJourn to Healing

Details to come about the fall 2014 release


Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing
JBDavid Communications
Toluca Lake, CA 91610

About JBDavid Communications: A newly created publishing and editorial endeavor established in 2010.  The company derives its name from the late David Jesse Brown Oliver. 




In Beverly Oliver's Sojourn to Honduras

Sojourn to Healing
You'll read reflections on breastfeeding, almond milk, and coconut milk (good sources of calcium, potassium, and magnesium for children).



You'll discover the pH rating of healthy human blood (it's alkaline)

and the food that nourishes it.



In this paperback, people living with diabetes and asthma are encouraged to try spelt, almonds, kamut, quinoa, and other natural food sources low in starch, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar.



You'll find out why spelt flour,

almond flour, and chickpea flour
are great substitutes for bleached
and unbleached white flour.  

 You'll find out why black pepper should be removed from dinner

tables and spice racks.






Soul food, southern food, creamy, cheesy recipes.  Is there a way to make it healthy but keep it tasty?  Are you allergic to peanuts but love p b and j sandwiches?  Why not try almond butter and jam on toasted bread? Read Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing for more helpful answers. 


A favorite dish is macaroni and cheese.  The next time you make it, try spelt elbow macaroni, almond cheeses (without the milk casein), cayenne pepper and onion sea salt.  Spelt is a natural ancient grain that doesn't have the starch content that others do. 

How about gravy and batter?  Try spelt flour, almond flour or chickpeas (garbanzo) flour.  Cereal?  I eat Kamut Puff cereal right out of the bag.  Sometimes I heat olive oil and drizzle it on top of the kamut puff then sprinkle onion sea salt on top and eat it just like popcorn.  You'll find more tips in Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing